Please contact us at the specified numbers or email us
The NEPTUN administrator contact telephone is:

+995 599 19 33 99
+995 597 19 33 99

How to book accommodation in Hotel NEPTUN!

To contact administration on the specified coordinates (it is desirable will phone) to to (reserve) arrival not later than seven days and in ProKredit Bank

ProKredit Bank GEORGIA

Bank code MIBGGE22

Zaalishvili david N 01003009570

GE84 PC00 3360 0100 0367 94 GEL ან GE84 PC00 3360 0100 0367 94 USD

Into administration "NEPTUN" account to list two-day (48 hours) the sum of cost of the hotel room chosen by you. After transfer, the administration will receive bank acknowledgement and number will be armor, the rest pay after arrival to hotel.The administration of hotel NEPTUN wishes safe rest